Our chef has so much imagination he will cook something different everyday! The camp being international there will always be both a vegetarian and a non-vegetarian menu and food adapted for all tastes. Also some special request can be adapted upon request.

To start your day, for breakfast you will have a large continental breakfast with everyday a “surprise” item that you will enjoy for sure!

Lunch in Switzerland is a full meal. Our chef will prepare international food adapted for all such as pasta, meat pies, fish, always served with a buffet of salads and a delicious dessert.

Dinner is the special meal of the day and “discovery” is our motto! Hence at dinner we will frequently have themes where you will have the chance to try specialties from Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Asia, and America.

Barbecues: In Summer time in Europe and especially in Switzerland families and friends enjoy BBQ in the mountains or at home in the garden.

In order to follow this great tradition we will also frequently organize unforgettable BBQs where the camper will have so much to choose from chicken, sausages, lamb, beef, pork, fish, shrimp and vegetables.

Chocolate and sweets are well-known Swiss specialties. For that reason campers will have the chance to taste all kind of Swiss desserts and specialties for desserts . . . but let’s keep it as a surprise and not say too much about it yet . . .