The Camp

Holiday Camp Switzerland is a family owned and operated camp in Switzerland.

Located in the region of Valais, Switzerland’s most famous Alpine area, HCS is a Summer camp made for you!

In the 2 or 3 weeks you are with us you will have the chance to visit Switzerland’s capital city, sample the delights of a cheese and a chocolate factory, sleep over in a traditional Swiss mountain hut, keep fit and on the go with sports such as hiking and climbing plus the chance to play many fun games with new friends from all over the world.

You will learn about the mountains, the mystery of the alps, the flora and its wild life!

Our goal is for the camper to enjoy every day to the max and take full advantage of all the camp has to offer while also learning a new language, the local culture and nature of Switzerland in a fun, exciting and unique way.

The smile of the children is our aim and we will make sure they will enjoy this life experience! HCS welcome boys and girls aged 10 to 17. The campers and staff come from every part of the world, making interaction and new friendships all the more special.

In this age of Facebook, Twitter and social media that brings with it the convenience to easily keep in touch with people no matter which part of the world they are from; there is a good chance that people met during the camp will form a friendship that could last a lifetime.

The Camp Valais



HCS can be found in the region of Valais, probably the most famous region of the Swiss Alps. The region is famous for its winter sports (skiing, snowboarding), its Summer sports (hiking) and is the land of one the Matterhorn, the world’s most famous mountain for its unique shape, standing at over 4800 metres!

HCS is located in the resort of Ovronnaz which is a well-known family resort. Unlike some other resorts, Ovronnaz has kept its family spirit and its proximity to Swiss traditional culture. The resort is very famous for its Alpine Spa, its hot whirlpool overlooking the Valais and offering a grand view of the Alps.

The Camp Valais location



The campers will stay in a traditional Swiss Summer camp’s accommodation chalet so they will have the opportunity to sample a real Swiss experience.

Although it is a traditional camp’s accommodation there are also modern luxuries such as a game room, cinema room, theatre room, study rooms and is surrounded by excellent sport facilities including a swimming pool, spa, and located right next to an alpine forest.

Ovronnaz is graced by the beautiful Swiss Alps and has all the sports and cultural facilities a camper could desire: Swimming pool (34 degrees!), tennis courts, sports halls, football fields, Via ferrata, adventure trails, and a whole lot more!

The Camp Valais accommodation